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June 27, 2007


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Journal Entry: Wed Jun 27, 2007, 5:39 PM
Shin's Journal

This commission journal has been redone once again. Commissions are not currently open; but I will consider them "half open". This means that I don't really need or have the time for commissions, so I reserve any right to deny your commission request if I don't feel up to it or if I am too busy.

REVIEW: I offer many types of commissions. On full commissions, I will present the sketch to the commissioner and encourage them to point out anything they are dissatisfied with. I will fix the sketch as many times as the commissioner desires, until they are content with it, before I start the lineart process. However, on sketch commissions, the completed sketch is what the commissioner gets and there is minimal changing to it.

PAYMENT: I prefer paypal, but I accept Cash, Checks, Money Orders, Cashier's Checks as well. My address is below.

● 1. I offer many types of commissions to choose from. If there is a commission type you want that is not on my list, ASK me if I will do it! I probably will! C:
● 2. Send me a note with your commission request. I'll give you a price and let you know how soon you can expect to have it.
● 3. I sketch the commission for you! You tell me what to fix until you are pleased.
● 4. You PAY me before I do lineart. Once I receive payment, I will finish the image.
● 5. Yay finished image! You will receive a high resolution version of the image without a watermark. The original (if there is one) will be mailed to you at your request (for a shipping fee of $6).

4226 W Pioneer Dr. Apt 2072
Irving, TX 75061
Commission Category
* Key points about commissions marked with asterisk.

[example] Commission Type: $price
Fullbody Commissions
* No pre-sketch shown to the commissioner.
** Includes shading, but not in color.
*** Your choice of lineart type.… Unrefined Pen Sketch: $25 *… Refined Pencil Sketch: $30 *… Photoshop Lineart: $40… Refined Pen Sketch: $50 **
● Photoshop Flat Color: $60 *** Photoshop Shaded: $80 *** Photoshop Realism: $150
Headshot Commissions (down to chest)
Price of a Bust (down to hips/bellybutton) can be negotiated.
* No pre-sketch shown to the commissioner.
** Includes shading, but not in color.
*** Your choice of lineart type.… Pen Sketch: $15 * Refined Pencil Sketch: $20 *… Photoshop Lineart: $25
● Refined Pen Sketch: $25 **
● Photoshop Flat Color: $30 ***… Photoshop Shaded: $40 ***
Pixel Art Commissions
Sorry I don't have examples for these. You can look at the example for shaded and use your imagination for Lineart/Flats. I can do large size pixel commissions, but if you want a small sprite (like 100x100) we can negotiate a price.

● Pixel Lineart: $20
● Pixel Flat Colors: $30 Pixel Shaded: $45
Specialty Commissions
Actual commission will be better than example, hopefully.… Cheesey Pen Sketch: $10… Cheesey Painted: $20… EeCommission Flat Color: $25… EeCommission Shaded (better than that): $35 *

● Background: A gradient, abstract, solid color, or white background is automatically free to you; just tell me what type you want. Actual backgrounds are $10-15 and up depending on the degree of difficulty for a scene.
● Additional Character: $15 and up depending on difficulty and commission type. We will negotiate.
● Print of the Finished Product: $10 For printing and shipping.
● Shipping: $6. Same regardless of domestic or international shipping.

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Ack! I got so excited when I found your gallery, and now I'm so sad that you aren't doing commissions right now.
Shinerai Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awe, I'm sorry about that <3 I really do love commissions but I haven't drawn any real me-art or worked on my characters much since 2010 and that isn't fair to me haha.
Yeah that isn't fair to you at all. I'm still saddened, but being able to continue enjoying your work is consolation enough. :)
Shinerai Feb 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for being supportive and understanding ;u; I have to say sometimes I feel very pressured to say yes to commissions because I love to make people happy but I hope that my watchers will be just as content watching me when I post my own personal artwork.
SilverOkami666 Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope to commission you one day.
Commission are still open?
Shinerai Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
They are not, sorry.
Shinku-no-Tenshi Dec 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
You don't do character design commissions by chance? Though I know your closed right now probably~ Thanks!
Shinerai Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am indeed closed for commissions. What do you mean by character commissions?
Shinku-no-Tenshi Dec 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Well, like character designing commissions ^^' So I would pay for you to design a character for me based on a certain list of wants etc etc and then you go off of that to design~

And thanks for replying so fast~
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