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Always With Me. by Shinerai Always With Me. by Shinerai
*Pythosblaze invited both ~Ryoseth-CP and I to join the Monster Ball so we thought, what better an idea than to draw our characters together! n_n

Started this in the last week of Feb and we really worked diligently on it, even while I was there in MN over spring break. I'm definitely pleased with the outcome of this image, especially with all Ryo's hard work making those gorgeous linearts <3 He did such a fantastic job: I suggest downloading it to see all the pretties!

EDIT: We were originally going to sketch our characters together like this in OpenCanvas, but it kicked our ass a couple times in a row and we decided to draw each character individually. So All of the work on Lhyz was done by me and all the work on Ryo was done by himself C: If that solves any confusion. They were assembled together in the same image afterward.

EDIT2: I love all of your praise, but I'm going to disable comments on this one. Ryo put a lot of hard work into this image as well and deserves an equal amount of credit, so I don't want to be accepting praise from those who think I completed this entire image. So hop over to his version and read his description too C:

go here ---> [link] You can comment there if you want to tell us something ♥

Lhyz (left) and Ryo (right)
:iconshinerai: and :iconryoseth-cp: respectively C:
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April 27, 2011
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