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Art Exposure Meme (finished)!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 28, 2017, 6:01 PM


Hey guys. I had a great time looking through your work and I've featured the first 10 commenters here! I hope you all enjoy my choices and go on to spread more beautiful artwork through your art exposure memes. If you commented but aren't featured here, do not fear! Because so many of you commented, I'm going to make another journal to feature 10 more in the future. I am not going to go in order and will be a bit more selective on who I feature. I'm sorry, but I just can't do everyone! Regardless, I hope you all enjoy.


Hi everyone! To participate in this meme, comment on my journal! For the first ten, I will put your avatar in this journal as well as the three deviations from your gallery that I like most!

If you are featured in this journal, you have to submit a journal like this one and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot. The idea here is not to get a free feature, but to spread art around for everyone. If you are featured here but do not participate by posting a journal of your own, I'll remove you from the list.

Also, I'm changing the meme a tiny bit! I may feature 15 people or even 20 (in 2 journals?). I feel like these spots might go fast and I want lots of people to have the opportunity for their art to be shared. If you make the list, you do not have to increase the number up from 10 on your own meme c:

1. :iconkintsy: (reposted from you!)
Honestly, I'm just glad to see that you've returned to DeviantART! I always did enjoy your work and considered Syrpolis's design to be a fine example of elegance in simplicity. I'll select the following three because the boogerpic isn't available P:

2. :iconpalehok:
I have to admit I have a reference sheet bias so I was really excited that I had a lot of things to favorite in your gallery. I enjoy the bold color palettes on your characters and I think crisp lineart and anatomy are your strengths.

3. :icontellastar:
Faved your refs! I really like the bright colors in your works and your more recent backgrounds. Lately you've been accomplishing some really nice atmosphere!

One thing that really stood out to me about your work is your great use of color. Even your small pieces have a very harmonious and pleasing palette. I find your smooth blending really soothing.
  Child of the earth [Auction CLOSED] by Iloveakitten  Over here! by Iloveakitten Robin's red chests are like our Love's heartbeats! by Iloveakitten

5. :iconradicalstriker:
Faved your refs! I think one of the most challenging pieces of anatomy to learn and understand is the bird wing. I really think you have done an impressive job of studying these wings because the overall shapes and the actual feather overlays are very elegant and accurate.
Light Mantle by RadicalStriker  Salutation to Galiano by RadicalStriker  Lucille and Soot by RadicalStriker

6. :iconzambiemaster:
I believe that technical application has always been one of your strengths but lately you have really started improving in anatomy by leaps and bounds. Keep it up!

7. :iconxthedragonrebornx:
Oh man your gallery was a treasure trove for references - my collection is so much bigger now ;u; I really like your ultra smooth, thick lineart. It's nice and bold without making the picture seem to heavy, and I think it really accents your characters who have unique scale designs.

8. :iconstarsealer:
You have so many unique and colorful characters! I really enjoy the whimsical feel I get from your work; it's so bright and cheerful.

9. :iconrip-tooth:
I've been to your gallery before and I never get tired of these beautiful Frigate Chasers that you draw! You are so creative with these designs and I could favorite the refs forever.

10. :icontytoquetra:
Tyto! I really enjoy your unique and creative character desgisns. I think one of your best strengths is creating natural and fluid pose! I also really like your wonderful environment/BG and lighting! Really your work is lovely. It was difficult to choose just three but I'll settle on these.


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